Stoneheart Units

Stoneheart Units are special Units that you can acquire after unlocking Stoneheart Castle and building the Stoneheart...
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Daily Stoneheart Tasks

If you have access to Stoneheart Castle, you will receive daily Tasks where you can clear Stoneheart Trials of differ...
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Stoneheart Castle

Stoneheart Castle is a feature that unlocks a huge range of new content and functionality. It gives you access to a n...
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Stoneheart Buildings

When you first unlock Stoneheart Castle, there will be two pre-constructed Buildings: the Adamantine Vault (Level 1) ...
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Stoneheart Masteries

Stoneheart Masteries give you the opportunity to improve your Stoneheart Units and Stoneheart Castle economy. The Sto...
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Stoneheart Trials and Stoneheart Saga Trials

Stoneheart Trials are special locations that pit your Stoneheart Units against Balur across the Map of Darkshine. The...
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Unit Abilities and Activation Chance

Stoneheart Unit Abilities dramatically improve your chances in both offensive and defensive battles. Each Stoneheart ...
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Adamantine is a Resource that is unique to Stoneheart Castle. You will need a reliable supply of Adamantine to make i...
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