Visual issues

Due to the following issues, some visual effects or static images are not displayed correctly. Still, they don't inf...
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Error message “AdsProcessRewardedVideoUntrusted”

This error message appears after watching videos from the Smuggler. If you get it, please email us at survival.suppor...
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Error message "ConnectToStore UnknownCode Store data validation failed"

This error message appears when a player tries to connect an account to Game Center or to log in to an existing accou...
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Error message “An error (500) Internal Server Error”

If you get a pop-up message while signing in to the game or in any other case, please email us at
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Two-star Torch is not displayed on the character when equipped

Please email us at and attach the screenshot of the issue. We will replace the broken it...
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Chest vanished from Locksmith’s Table

You don’t receive any notification if the looted chest appears empty upon its opening. In this case, it will be autom...
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Error message "Code = -1001."

It is an issue on the side of Google Play. We will try to find a way not to show this message in the game.
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Smuggler’s ads don’t load

Watching a video will be unavailable if the player was not added to the group with the ads. This is a matter on th...
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