Recovery of the stolen items and materials

You have an opportunity to restore the items looted from your Shelter during PvP for Tokens.   To get Tokens: ...
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Avoiding PvP

If you do not want to participate in the PvP battle, disable it in the Locksmith's Table menu. This option is availa...
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What happens to the defender’s Shelter after the attack

A Shelter can be attacked by only one player at a time. As soon as someone initiates an attack, the Shelter gets ...
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Purchase and placing of Spawners in the Shelter

You can purchase Spawners in the game Bank - tap onto the icon with Sapphires at the top right corner, switch to Spe...
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Protections Spawners

You can protect your Shelter with the Spawners.   Spawner packs available: Goblin Leader Pack Spider Pack ...
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Revival and Respawn while PVP raids

When your Exile dies in the defender’s Shelter, the attack fails and you select the paid “Revival”, your Exile and y...
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PvP losses

Attacking the Shelter, you can get up to two Сhests: one guaranteed and another one if you have a Horse. The attacke...
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PvP. General info

During PvP, you can raid Shelters of other Exiles. To activate PVP mode, build the Locksmith’s Table. Note, once it ...
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