Top 3 Gameplay questions

1. Why haven't I received points for the Tournament?If you notice that you did not get points in the Tournament, plea...
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How do I save my game progress?

When it comes to saving your game progress, you have two options. 1. Create and set up your Plarium ID. 2. Connect th...
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How do I find my ID?

In order to find your ID please follow these steps: 1. Open the game2. Go to "Settings" (bottom right corner) - > "Ab...
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Why can't I update the game?

If you are experiencing issues with updating the game, please take the following steps to fix it: Clear your cache a...
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I received a Gift from Amelia / reward for a Quest, but can't find the Units I got! Where are they?

They are in your Catacombs. Any Units received for the completion of any Quests will be sent directly to your Catacom...
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What are Gateways?

Gateways are items available at the Black Market that allow you to change the position of your Castle on the Stormfal...
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How do I relocate my Castle?

First of all, you need to get a Gateway. You can do so at the Black Market by tapping on the Misc. tab. You can then ...
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Are there any ways to develop my Castle faster?

Yes, there are a number of ways that you can receive bonuses to help you develop your Castle faster. The following wi...
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I'm new to the game. How do I start playing?

Not to worry! Our in-game guide, Amelia, will lead you every step of the way! She’ll take you through and show you th...
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I can't access my Castle! What do I do?

If you have forgotten your login information, you may use the "Forgot Password" option to recover it. You will then b...
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How do I transfer my game progress onto another device?

It is highly recommended that you link your account in the game to your Plarium ID so as not to lose it. You can do t...
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Where did Amelia go?

If Amelia has disappeared, you must have completed most of the training and be ready to face the world of Stormfall o...
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Where have Oberon's Reinforcements gone?

Oberon's Reinforcements should be in your Castle. Open the "At Castle" tab of your Keep to view them. Remember, you c...
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I can't log into the game! What should I do?

Here are a few reasons why you might have trouble loading the game: 1. The game application’s cache may be causing is...
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