Game Events

Events are some of the main in-game activities that help you get awesome rewards. Most Events offer you a list of Eve...
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Battle Awards

Awards are displayed during a Battle right away once you get them. You can also check them in the Battle results wind...
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What is a Custom Match?

This mode allows you to create a Match, invite Friends to both teams, fill the roster with bots, and then find out wh...
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Controls and Battle Settings

To customize Controls: Tap your profile picture Choose Controls > Customize Here you can adjust the position, size...
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2 vs 2 Deathmatch

In 2v2 Deathmatch mode, Teams of just two players compete for kills over multiple Rounds. Just like in 5v5 Deathmatc...
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5 vs 5 Deathmatch

In the Team Deathmatch, teams must kill the maximum number of enemy Mechs over multiple Rounds. In 5v5 Deathmatch mod...
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Control Point Clash

A Control Point Clash is a 5v5 battle. The aim is to cooperate with your teammates to capture and defend as many Cont...
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Team Match

Form a team and dominate the Arena with your friends! You'll get a 10% Battle XP Bonus.To form your Team: 1. Tap "Ba...
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  Control Point Clash After a Battle, all the players in the Battle are given Medals based on how well they did in c...
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After Battles, you can earn two kinds of Points: Battle Points Victory Points Earning enough Points of either typ...
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Points Booster

Combat Points Boosters double the number of Combat Points earned in Battles until the Booster is spent. They can give...
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Vault Blitz Event

During the special Vault Blitz event, you earn Fortune Points for each Fortune Vault you open. If you collect enough ...
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Skins and Paint Jobs

Skins allow you to change your Mechs appearance. There are 3 Grades of Skins - Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You can ge...
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The Tournament consists of 6 Heats lasting for 24 hours each. How do Tournaments work? Fight Tournament Battles > I...
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