Game Events

Game Events offer you a list of Challenges that you can complete to get awesome Rewards. Each completed Challenge wil...
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Battle Achievements

  Achievements are displayed right away after you get them on the game screen. Also, you can check them after the bat...
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2 vs 2 Deathmatch

In this battle mode, the two players from each team have up to 3 Rounds to destroy as many enemy's Mechs as they can....
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General guide. Controls

Note: Target capture only works only when Wide Target Assist is on.   To customize Controls: Tap your profile pictur...
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Control Point Clash

Control Point Clash is a 5v5 battle. The aim is to cooperate with your teammates to capture and defend as many Contro...
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  Control Point Clash After the battle, all players are ranked by the following parameters: Captures (the number o...
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Tokens - a resource you receive in battle. There are two types of them: Battle Tokens  Victory Tokens  Battle Token...
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Token Booster

Battle Token Boosters double the number of Tokens earned in battles. Their boost limit is 500 or 1000 Tokens. Here’s...
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Team Match

Form a team and dominate the Arena with your friends! You’ll get 10% Battle XP Boost! To form your Team: 1. Tap "Bat...
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5 vs 5 Deathmatch

In the Team Deathmatch, teams must kill the maximum number of enemy Mechs over multiple Rounds. The Team that destroy...
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Loot Rush Event

During the Loot Rush event, you earn Marks for each Fortune Vault you open. If you collect enough Marks, you'll get r...
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Skins and Paint Jobs

Skins allow you to change your Mechs appearance. There are 3 Grades of Skins - Rare, Exotic, and Prototype. You can ...
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