Pilots are special in-game characters that can be paired with a Mech to boost its damage & HP stats. Each Pilot also ...
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General info about Mechs

Mechs are the main element of the Mech Arena. They are combat robots that can be sent to Battles. You can equip each ...
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Inventory Guide

You can see all the Weapons and Mechs through the Inventory. The Mechs and Weapons that you have not unlocked in th...
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Squad Power

Squad Power is the total Power Rating of all the Mechs in your Hangar. It increases whenever a Level Upgrade or Ran...
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General info about Weapons

Weapons are the main piece of equipment for Mechs. You can install up to 2 Weapons on a Mech. The corresponding Pilot...
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Mech or Weapon Grade

Weapons and Mechs can be: Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary The Grade of the Mech or Weapon signifies its rarity....
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Upgrading Mechs and Weapons

Upgrading LevelResources needed: Blueprints  Credits  You can see how many resources you need for a Level Upgrade h...
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Game Currencies

A-Coins  Get A-Coins: From the Daily Login Program Crates From the Shop From the Progress Path As a reward in a Tour...
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Why do I need Blueprints?

Blueprints are used to upgrade the Level of Mechs and Weapons. Each Blueprint is associated with a specific Mech or W...
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Steel Crate What’s inside: A-Coins Blueprints Credits Where to get: Daily Deals at the Shop Daily Login Program S...
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Fortune Vaults

How to open Fortune Vaults: Get Fortune Keys from Tournaments, Achievements, and the Shop > Open Fortune Vaults > Ge...
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