How can I find my game ID?

To find your game ID, tap on your avatar in the top left corner of your Hangar and open the "Profile" tab. Your game ...
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When will the new version be released? What will be added?

We're not always able to reveal solid release dates. The development process can be quite unpredictable, and we don't...
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How do I change the username?

To change your username: 1. Tap on your profile picture 2. Click on your current username 3. Enter a new one 4. Tap ...
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How do I save the game? How do I play on different devices?

Connect your account to Plarium ID/ Apple ID (for iOS devices)/ Google account (for Android devices) or Facebook. Thi...
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I won a battle but got no rewards. Why?

The number of Victory Points, Combat Points, and XP you can get in battles is limited. Tap here for more info about ...
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Why did one player receive 2 MVP rewards?

The MVP reward is granted to individual Mechs, not players. These Mechs were the most influential Mechs in the battle...
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How can I chat with my friends/teammates?

During the battle: 1. Tap the Quick Chat icon in the bottom right 2. Tap one of the message options to send it  In ...
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How do I add friends?

In-game Friends To add players from your recent battles to your Friends List: 1. Go to your Friends List 2. Tap the...
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Why can’t I add friends?

You cannot send friend invitations if: You have reached the limit of 100 in-game friends The player you sent an inv...
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How do I switch out a Mech in my Hangar for a new one?

1. Remove a Mech currently in your Squad: Open the Hangar Choose a Mech Tap Mech Tap Remove Tap Yes  2. Choose a ne...
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How did I lose the battle when I still have Mechs left?

Losing all the Mechs on your team is not the only way to lose a battle. There are other victory conditions as well: ...
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Can I play the game offline?

Unfortunately, there is no offline mode. Mech Arena is a real-time multiplayer game, and internet access is required ...
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How do I earn Fortune Points?

You earn Fortune Points by opening Fortune Vaults during a Vault Blitz. The number of Fortune Points you'll get is in...
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How do I get Tournament Tickets?

Standard Tournament Tickets You can earn up to 12 Standard Tickets every day and can store up to 12 Standard Tickets...
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How do I get Skins?

You can get Skins: In Fortune Vaults As a reward in the Vault Blitz In the Shop As a reward in Events From Achiev...
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How do I get A-Coins?

You can get free A-Coins:  - In the Daily Login Rewards - As a free Daily Deal in the Shop - In the Progress Path ...
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How do I get Fortune Keys?

You can get Fortune Keys in Tournaments and Events, or you can buy them from the Premium tab in the Shop.
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How can I increase Squad Power?

Squad Power is the sum of the Power Rating of all the Mechs in your Hangar. You can increase it by: - Upgrading the ...
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